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Victoria Groves Jewelry that creates friendship


In my collection, you will find simple stackable rings, crown rings, initial necklaces, dangle earrings, hoop earrings, and bangle bracelets.  They are the perfect gifts for mom or gifts for best friends. I design jewelry for all types of women. Young mothers, working professionals, first responders, fitness enthusiasts. It does not matter what you are doing, and whether it is grocery shopping or a big night out on the town, my collections will be the perfect accessory.

Like a lot of women, I have loved jewelry since I was a kid. I was attracted and fascinated by its sparkle and beauty. It was always exciting when I found that special piece and know it was meant to be.

Friendships begin when we have things in common. A basic love of beautiful jewelry is something we all have in common. When you add the ingredient of handmade, the friendship becomes deeper.

I have always enjoyed and appreciated art and am fascinated by anyone who can create something beautiful with their own ability. I am often asked how I ended up designing and making my own jewelry. It was by accident. While shopping for a new pair of earrings, I saw a pair and thought to myself, I think I can make that. I spent endless hours watching YouTube videos and teaching myself to make handmade jewelry. After making numerous pair of earrings I realized I needed to do something with them. I found a boutique that would display my collection. The wonderful women who gave me my start is Sally Redwine. She saw something in my work that she had not seen before, so she allowed me to display my jewelry. I was delighted to find out that people love my designs. It turns out I can make a lot more than just a pair of earrings. One of my favorite things to make are my hand hammered rings and bangle bracelets. Their is something about shaping and soldering a piece of metal into a striking piece of handmade jewelry that is very satisfying.

Some of my favorite moments are when women come up to me at an event and say, “l love your jewelry, I have bought from you in the past". Or, "l wear your earrings all of the time." We create a bond and friendship over a love of beautiful jewelry.

I am very excited for you to wear my jewelry. I want ordering online to be convenient. I get orders out the door as quick as possible and into your hands. I also understand that when you find that special piece, like me you want it to be quality because you are about to part with hard earned money. I endeavor for high quality each time I make a piece of jewelry. My jewelry is guaranteed. If you are not happy, I will repair, replace or give you your money back. It is that simple. I want my friends to be happy. Thank you for supporting my small business.

Enjoy yourself and get a great deal.