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Are Hoop Earrings Back in Style?

I’ve been reading that hoop earrings are back in style. The hoop earring has come full circle, (pun intended). Are hoop earrings back in style? I wondered, how long have hoop earrings been around? The oldest record of hoop earrings was discovered by an archaeologist in Iraq. They were found on a Sumerian woman, likely royalty. The earrings were gold hoop style and dated 2500 BC. In my lifetime, I can remember Cher in her enormous shoulder touching earrings. Thankfully hoop earrings have evolved over time. To answer the question, are hoop earrings back in style? I believe they never really went out of style.

My Hoop and Stardust Bead Earrings are very modern hoop earrings with my own personal touch. They come in three color choices silver, gold and rose gold. If you like forward-facing hoop earrings I have five sizes in my Smooth and Textured Hoop Earrings in beautiful Rose gold.

small hoop earrings
Tiny Smooth and Textured Forward Facing Hoop Earrings.
Hoop and Stardust Bead Earrings in Sterling Sterling.

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